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Published on 08 December 2012

Both versions of my book are up and officially for sale if you want to read the whole thing! If you don't, guys and gals, Steampunkers, then check out the first chapter! It's completely free to read online once a month if you can't afford to buy, your parents say no, or you're just curious and don't want to shell out the money before seeing if you're interested.

If you are and you'd like to buy, then please go here. Or click the Purchase Book menu link on the sidebar.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this project possible. Phil Flynn for doing the artwork on the site and my book cover, Mark Chaput for editing my work, and Basil Miracle for making and tweaking this site. Also, I want to thank Hannarb on Deviantart for letting me use her commercial free steampunk font (linked on the sidebar menu as well) in the book and on this site. I want to thank my family, my step-kids (who are hardly my step-kids; I earned those brats and their mother agrees), my best friend Jay, my Uncle Bill for introducing me to steampunk in a different way, my late father-in-law for giving me an in to the steampunk world by inadvertently giving me the concept of recreating his naval uniform as a homage to his memory (steampunk style for a cosplay), all of my TechOps buddies on staff for Dragon*con, everyone who ever gave me advice for writing, and to my wonderful fiance Gary for always supporting me and believing in me--no matter how underpaying and overpriced the dream. Thank you, everyone.

Published on 25 November 2012

The site is up and going! I will make sure to have external links to both the soft cover and ebook versions of the book as soon as they are available. Please enjoy surfing through and checking things out. If you happen to find anything not right, then don't hesitate to email me or send me a message on my facebook page.

Release date is set for the 7th of this month. Just a few days away. Thanks!

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