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Published on 07 September 2013

Thank you all for reading the chapters, the book, as it releases online. Thanks to all of you who have read it, reviewed it, bought it, or just enjoyed it. For now there won't be anymore updates until the second book comes out in January, at which point the first one will be taken down. You guys are awesome; I love you for your support.

The next book will be titled The Clockwork Archer and it set to release the first Friday of January. It'll be about Tes' adventures in the 1300s of Britain with an unlikely villain from The Dreadnaught. But, for those of you who have read, you probably have a good idea which villain that might be.

Again, thank you. I look forward to all of you continuing your fandom of my series, my works.

Published on 01 March 2013

New chapter is up, as you can see. If you don't want to go through the work of clicking to get to it, then just click here and have a read. Thank you for all your reviews so far. Don't forget to enter the give away on my facebook; go here to enter. All you need to do is leave a review for my book/chapters on this site. I'll verify all the entries after it's over. BUT, there are only THREE DAYS LEFT. Hurry! I'm giving away five copies.

I got together with my artist about two weeks ago and went over the sketches for the second book cover. I'll start writing it soon. But, it won't be released until next year. However, the chapters for that will also be put in this site until it's finished. Then it all comes down and it's up to you if you want to buy them at a lowered price to read and catch up, or just jump right in.

Still no solid info on the convention, but I'm trying.

I updated my twitter account. You can check it out here. Whole new look; I'm much happier with it.

Speaking of my book though, the ebook price has been lowered to 3.99. You can grab it on amazon by clicking the link on the side bar for purchase, OR go to the Barnes and Noble site here.

Anyway, thank for all your support. That's all I have to report for now.

Published on 02 February 2013

{jcomments on}Third chapter is up and running. Took a little tweaking and had to ask my web guy for help, but it's all sorted out now. I can't wait for your feedback.

Besides trying to get everything working out so I can go to a con, not much else is going on. When I know for sure whether I'll be attending as a guest I'll tell you guys which con. Right now my hints are only this: It'll be in May and it will be a steampunk convention. If you want to see me there I'll give details as soon as I have them. I'd love to see some fans come out and support me.

See you next month when a new chapter is up; unless, of course, you haunt my facebook page. In which case, as Victoria might say, "Belay that."

Published on 04 January 2013

Second chapter is up! You can get it here. I really hope you're enjoying Tes' journey and adventure as much as I enjoyed writing it. Don't forget, first Friday of every month a new chapter will go up. Reviews are greatly appreciated; please don't forget to hit the button at the bottom of the chapter and leave me one. They help let me know what you think, how I'm doing, and if I should change anything or make something better. Reviews for an indy author help us loads more than you can imagine. So, taking out a few minutes to leave me one on this site, or on amazon (if you buy and read the whole book) make the process not only more fun, but better for you as a reader in the long run.

Thank you so much for your support thus far.

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