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The Steam Runner


        Well you've just finished reading a chapter in The Steam Runner! Please feel free to write a review and tell me what you think of it.



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0 #7 andrew t kuligowski 2013-03-04 22:14
the best first sentence I've read in awhile leads to the best intro I've read in awhile, certainly THE BEST by an indie author. Kit Roe understands that you shouldn't warn "I start slow, but it picks up after you get to know the characters." Some readers won't wait!! Start FAST! Let the readers learn about the characters as they go! Keep their attention throughout! (I'll cite a movie - Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark - as an example. We got to know Indy as we went - but first, let's have some action!!)
0 #6 Erika Bates 2013-02-18 15:04
I read chapter 1 of The Steam Runner. At first, I wasn't sure what was going on. It felt like a steampunk version of an cyberpunk Arnold Schwartzenager movie - Which, from the sound of it, is exactly what this is... but better. ;)

And then there was that break and the intro to the world. This is an awesome literary thing, create interest with chaos and then have a panorama that luls you into a false sense of security. I have so many questions. Well done! I look forward to reading more.
0 #5 Beth 2013-02-12 20:28
Very good first chapter. It pulls you in and makes you want to find out just what Tes is up to. I also like Tes a lot. She is a brilliant character. I love the fact that she hates Latin.
0 #4 Johnette 2013-02-09 15:46
I've only gotten to read the first chapter so far, but I can't wait to continue this! I am already being drawn in. :)
0 #3 arttoa 2013-02-09 13:43
really enjoyed the character descriptions, all the female character look and sound very strong and independent. i've only read the first chapter like first time reading free running incorporated into a story :) looking forward to reading more!
0 #2 Anna 2013-02-04 10:49
Awesome! Eagerly awaiting more in the series. =)
0 #1 Noki-chan 2012-12-09 02:35
It's looking fantastic, my friend! I am so happy for you! Finally, this awesome story will get all the attention it so richly deserves ^^