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The Steam Runner Book 2: The Clockwork Archer


Tes has taken the first step towards figuring out who she really is. In doing so, the free runner from the 21st century has discovered that she’s Jack the Ripper’s sister, that she’s not actually from the 21st century, and that—oh yeah—time travel is actually a thing. She isn’t all that certain about what Jack has planned for her, or what her DNA has to do with helping repair time itself, but she knew when she joined the crew of The Valentine her chances for getting those answers became less impossible. Now, if she could only remember where the bathroom was on a ship the size of a small country… 

Finding that bathroom, however, is the least of the free runner’s problems. When a temporal kraken attacks both The Valentine and The Dreadnaught, Tes becomes stranded in the 1300s of Ye Old England. Making an unlikely alliance with the enemy—a medieval archer called Rune—is just the icing on the cake. The cherry on top is working with him to keep their next target, Rowan Ulrich, out of trouble long enough for their respective crews to locate them.

But Rune has his own secrets, ones that begin to make Tes think there’s more to the archer than being a so-called villain. What are they, and what does the Rowan have to do with any of it?

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Chaos Theory

Chapter Two: The Kraken

Chapter Three: Deal With The Devil

Chapter Four: Cloak, Dagger, Dungeon!

Chapter Five: Lutes and Liars

Chapter Six: Food For Thought

Chapter Seven: Cabin Fever

Chapter Eight: Draw No Quarter

Chapter Nine: Misdirection

Chapter Ten: To Protect and Search

Chapter Eleven: Talking Walls

Chapter Twelve: The Clockwork Archer's Sister

Chapter Thirteen: Bullseye

Chapter Fourteen: The Framed Troubadour

Chapter Fifteen: Heroes & Villains

Chapter Sixteen: All's Well That Ends Well