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The Steam Runner

Nikol Tesla Bradwyn, or to her friends and family—Tes, lives in a present world very much unlike our own. Knowledge, science, and physics are the peak of human acceptance; chess reigns as the supreme sport where football is something only a laborer would watch. Free running is even less accepted, but Tes doesn't care about that. Night after night it's that love of running that brings her back to race across buildings and through pipelines illegally. It's the only thing she understands when words just want to run across a page in school, or numbers want to jumble like a mess in her head. It's not her world, not really.

Little does she realize how true that is and how a crew of time travelers will change her life forever… 

Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Runner Part I

Chapter Two: The Runner Part II

Chapter Three: A Free Runner‟s Timepiece

Chapter Four: Underground Angel

Chapter Five: Herme's Gambit

Chapter Six: In Query of Ripper

Chapter Seven: Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies

Chapter Eight: The Dreadnaught

Chapter Nine: Jack, Knight and Queen

Chapter Ten: Finish Line