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Name: Victoria aka “Vic” Avhǣrt

Nickname/Codename: Zulu

Age/DoB: 25

Designation: Captain

Time: 1780s-90s

Height: 5’9”

Eyes: emerald-yellow green

Hair: red and curly

Personality: Vic is stern and rigid when it comes to ship’s policy and rules. While the rest of the crew might seem like a half motley mess, she is clean, uniform, military order. She doesn’t expect everyone to operate as focused as she does, but, she does expect people to follow orders and the more important rules on board.

Brief History: Victoria was born in the late 18th century and lived much of her life in the early 1800’s right on the cusp of the French revolution. She was born in England and her father was a navy man of high prestige. Her parent’s marriage had been an arranged one, but, her mother was a kind woman who knew her station life and her father suited his own just fine. Despite the fact that he was always gone at sea her mother was never unhappy.

        Early in her childhood, around the age of five, her mother grew very weak and ill. She died suddenly and Victoria’s father was called back home. When he returned he wasn’t sure what to do with the girl. He couldn’t stay with her and he couldn’t very well leave her. So, he took her with him, ignoring all family protests about what life on the sea could do to a young woman, especially on board with a bunch of men.

        But, Victoria grew into a strong, independent woman under her father’s order. The men became her family and she one of them. The relationship she had with her father was one of more like a son when one compares it to the relationships fathers had with the daughters of the time, but it didn’t matter much. She would never be one of those girls who looked for a husband and had a proper English family.

        When she was in her early twenties her father died on duty, leaving her with almost no direction in life. She’d worked under him because he’d been her father, but no captain in his right mind would have a woman working under him unless they were pirates. She would never work against her own country; it wasn’t in her. So, she went home for a while and lived alone on the family estate that bordered along the ocean, trying to find direction on her own. She stayed there for a few years until approached by the admiral of the Valentine. From then on she has been captain.

Skills/Special Talents: knowledge of firearms and their proper use, leadership skills, hand-to-hand combat skills, basic first aid knowledge