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Name: Alaric Von Lidenbrock

Nickname/Codename: November

Designation: Science

Age/DoB: 32

Time: 2900s

Height: 5’8”

Eyes: cobalt blue

Hair: White and waist-length (A scientific accident early on in his career turned it this shade.)

Personality: Cheerful, but, a bit disorganized at times. Polite to a point.

Brief History: He was a German scientific genius that accidentally discovered time travel on the turn of the thirtieth century. He realized that hauntings were weaker places in time and created the technology to shift through to them. Unfortunately, in doing so, he discovered he couldn’t go forward in time, only back, and lost his means to return to his own place of existence. Being as he was so excited to discover this he didn’t discover his inability to go forward until he stopped in the 1850s.

         He slowly acclimated himself to the world he was stuck in so that he might try and find a means to return to his own time. He traveled across the globe and eventually made his way to France, where he met with the admiral of the Valentine before he became that. It was just after he and his friend split. Alaric is the one who assisted him in creating the Valentine with the hope that he could help him solve the problem with the continuum and return home once they are successful.

         In his childhood he considered the top of his class. His parents were both physics wizzes. He sped through school and had few relationships with people, much less anything like a love interest. Alaric is easily described as a blind Einstein in that he rarely sees beyond his work (nose).

Skills/Special Talents: Physics, Time travel, quantum mechanics, mathematics, robotics (minor), many other sciences including, but, not limited to human anatomy, biology…ect.