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Name: Maeson “Maes” Albatross

Nickname/Codename: Romeo

Designation: Pilot

Age/DoB: 25

Time: 1950s

Height: 5’11”

Eyes: chocolate brown

Hair: brunette, curly and always slicked back in a greaser style.

Personality: cocky, brash, quick to speak

Brief History: Maes grew up in a mildly small town just on the outskirts of Atlanta called Maverick. His mother was a housewife and his father a writer; he wasn’t very successful, but, he made enough in the pulp magazines and raging scifi market that he provided for his family well enough. He was busy though; sometimes so much so he didn’t have time for his son. In a bout of rebellion Maes became something of a rebel. By his teens he was a certified greaser to the bones. His father neither encouraged nor discouraged it. They weren’t at odds, but, they weren’t exactly the same people either. While his father was more of a scholar, Maes was less inclined in school.

         When he was eighteen he joined the U.S. Air Force; he lasted but a year before he was dishonorably discharged for reckless behavior and failure to follow orders; this was despite the fact that he made an amazing pilot. It wasn’t long after that he was recruited for the Valentine. He inevitably joined with the hope that by the time he returned to his father he would be a son he could be proud of.

         His time on the crew has made him less of a risk and more of a benefit. Over time he’s smoothed out and doesn’t do what would be otherwise disrespectful unless he genuinely believes its right. Maes will, at times, however show that youthful-reckless personality type; especially when he finds it appropriate to call the captain Vic.

Skills/Special Talents: pilot, hand-to-hand combat and basic use of guns