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Name: Nikol Tesla aka “Tes” Bradwyn

Nickname/Codename: Echo


Age/DoB: 17

Time: 2010s

Height: 5‘11“

Eyes: One brown with amber flints and one amber with brown flints (mismatched)

Hair: black dreads that go a little beyond shoulder length

Personality: Tes is introverted, but, not to the point that one would call her a jerk. She simply doesn’t fit in and in a way accepts it. It’s not a negative acceptance. It’s simply knowing that she’s not the same and her life will ultimately be very different from those around her.

Like anyone, she smiles and laughs. She doesn’t hide who she is. Secretly, she wishes she could be truly accepted by everyone around her. She understands what the popular intellects are talking about and writing about, but she would almost rather be considered an idiot than to admit she can’t express her thoughts very well on paper. These days it’s more out of habit than pure stubbornness, however.

Tes can be cocky at times; usually when she’s on a run. It’s about the only time you’ll get a full grin out of her.

Brief History: Tes' past beyond the age of ten is shrouded in mystery. Her earliest memory involves her waking up in a hospital with a doctor and several nurses standing over her. There are no records of her birth or any clues as to who she is. Even her real name eludes her to this day.

Amnesia kept her in the hospital only so long. Eventually, with no real path in finding out who she was, doctors and police released her to child services. She went through a series of possible parents before finally being adopted out to a fairly normal couple, both of whom were modest engineers.

In world where inventors and intellectuals are the favored Tes found herself an outcast. She’s shunned by the popular intellects and barely accepted by the athletes; for the most part the athletes consider her wholly detached from the pack.

Feeling as though she doesn’t really belong anywhere, and with her parents trying to get her to straighten up and become a functioning member of society, Tes turned to a way to escape life in general. Instead of drugs, as some might have expected of her, Tes turned to free running. It is her only real means of applying the knowledge she so wants to in a way she never had been able to before.

Skills/Special Talents: She’s brilliant when it comes to seeing physical mechanics in action. When it comes to explaining it or putting it down on paper, she fails completely. Being able to see it and apply it is where she excels, allowing her to perform amazing feats as well as her body allows.