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Name: Ambrosia

Nickname/Codename: Charlie

Designation: Mechanic/Engineer

Age/DoB: appears to be in early twenties

Time: 1920s

Height: 5‘6“

Eyes: bright blue

Hair: pale blonde and wavy

Personality: Ambrosia is bubbly, air-headed and energetic. She’s definitely what one would call a dumb blonde and very girly at face value. However, when it comes to mechanics she’s an ace.

Brief History: Ambrosia was born into a upper echelon family of perfumers in France. She was always expected to marry well, even if she didn’t share this desire with her parents or the rest of her family. Her fondness in life had nothing to do with simply being married and being a member of the high life. No, she would much rather have been left to making her machines and working on moving mechanical parts, something that was growing very quickly in her time period. But, unfortunately, her gender was made out for it, not really. Not as far as her family was concerned.

         In the summer of 1925 Ambrosia married a young American at her parents’ behest. Despite her misgivings, she fell in love. Eventually, she discovered he had no problem with her hobby; in fact, he encouraged her. He was eventually the one that led her to become a member of the crew, and told he he’d been searching for someone just like her. It has been since then she’s been an integral member, if not a little airheaded at times.

Skills/Special Talents: Robotics and mechanics