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Name: Voodoo

Codename/Nickname: Whiskey

Age/DoB: 52

Designation: Doctor

Time: 500s B.C.

Height: 5’0”

Eyes: black as pitch

Hair: midnight black

Personality: Voodoo is eccentric, rude, quick-to-anger and can drink anyone on board under the table thrice over.

Brief History: Voodoo’s past is yet another mystery, but, she’s more a fixture on the ship than the stern itself. At best people know she’s Asian, but from what country is also unknown. Some of her stories have her in Japan and others Korea. To look at her, one gets the impression that she’s a sixteen year old girl; her lack of serious wrinkles do give one pause. After talking to her, however, it becomes apparent she’s not a child—she just has some serious fountain of youth potion… maybe.

She’s the ship’s doctor and specializes in remedies some might deem barbaric, but, it all works despite beginning protests. Her lab looks more like a witch’s cabin than a medical lab, what it all the hanging plants, drying roots and unusual tools. It’s a dark place with a few bright lights and its creepy little doctor with goggles over her eyes.

Skills/Special Talents: prodigy in the medical field that utilizes many methods