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Name: Emilio Arturo

Codename/Nickname: Papa

Age/DoB: 48

Designation: Security

Time: 1900s (early)

Height: 6’2”

Eyes: green-blue

Hair: bald

Personality: Emilio speaks very little. When he does it’s short and to the point sentences. He only really listens to Vic and seems to have a strong admiration for her. Why, no one is really sure. To look at him he’s quite scary, but, really he’s not a bad guy—unless you get on his bad side; then you might find yourself thrown through a wall or worse.

Brief History: Emilio was born in Italy, but, he didn’t stay very long. His parents moved to American like many other immigrants of the early 1900s with a hope of starting a new, prosperous life.

       He grew up in New York. His father worked hard labor from the early hours until the sun set. His mother ran the house and did other odd jobs to keep food on the table. When Emilio was old enough he sold papers on the street corner, but when he got older he turned to a career in boxing. His mother didn’t like and his father didn’t wholly approve, but, they couldn’t argue with money he brought in; it was rather hard to when one needed to eat.

       How his career ended and how he ended up on the Valentine are not entirely clear to most of the crew, but, there seems to be something in his past involving a murder case and a woman he loved. There are several rumors, but all seem to follow those base facts.

Skills/Special Talents: hand-to-hand combat